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‘No, such a genius never can lie still’ And then for mine obligingly mistakes The very first lampoon Sir Will.

or Bubo makes. Inadequate guiltless I! and can I select but smile When every coxcomb is aware of me by my model? Cursed be the verse, how nicely soe’er it circulation That tends to make just one deserving guy my foe, Give virtue scandal, innocence a fear, Or from the gentle-eyed virgin steal a tear! But he who hurts a harmless neighbour’s peace, Insults fallen value, or splendor in distress, Who enjoys a lie, lame slander can help about, Who writes a libel, or who copies out: That fop, whose satisfaction affects a patron’s name, But absent, wounds an author’s sincere fame: Who can your advantage selfishly approve, And display the sense of it without having the adore Who has the vanity to simply call you mate, Still would like the honour, hurt, to protect Who tells whate’er you consider, whate’er you say, And, if he lie not, will have to at the very least betray: Who to the Dean, and silver bell can swear, And sees at Canons what was by no means there Who reads, but with a lust to misapply, Make satire a lampoon, and fiction, lie. A lash like mine no truthful person shall dread, But all such babbling blockheads in his stead. Allow Sporus tremble- A.

What? that thing of silk, Sporus, that mere white curd of ass’s milk, Satire or feeling, alas! can Sporus really feel? Who breaks a butterfly on a wheel? P. But enable me flap this bug with gilded wings, This painted child of grime, that stinks and stings Whose buzz https://www.reddit.com/r/EssayTracks/comments/198zgxp/help_with_essay_writing_please/ the witty and the reasonable annoys, Yet wit ne’er tastes, and magnificence ne’er enjoys: So nicely-bred spaniels civilly delight In mumbling of the recreation they dare not chunk: Eternal smiles his emptiness betray, As shallow streams run dimpling all the way.

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Whether in florid impotence he speaks And, as the prompter breathes, the puppet squeaks Or at the ear of Eve, familiar toad, Half froth, half venom, spits himself overseas, In puns, or politics, or tales, or lies, Or spite, or smut, or rhymes, or blasphemies. His wit all see-saw, amongst that and this, > Now substantial, now small, now learn up, now pass up, > And he himself a single vile antithesis. > Amphibious thing! that acting either section, The trifling head or the corrupted heart, Fop at the bathroom, flatterer at the board, Now visits a lady, and now struts a lord.

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Eve’s tempter so the rabbins have expressed, A cherub’s confront, a reptile all the rest Attractiveness that shocks you, elements that none will believe in Wit that can creep, and delight that licks the dust. Not fortunes worshipper, nor fashion’s fool, Not lucre’s madman, nor ambition’s tool, Not happy, nor servile-be a single poet’s praise, That, if he delighted, he delighted by manly means: That flattery, even to kings, he held a disgrace, And assumed a lie in verse or prose the identical. That not in fancy’s maze he wandered long: But stooped to truth of the matter, and moralised his music: That not for fame, but virtue’s much better close, He stood the furious foe, the timid mate, The damning critic, fifty percent approving wit, The coxcomb hit, or fearing to be strike Laughed at the reduction of mates he by no means experienced, The dull, the very pleased, the wicked, and the mad The distant threats of vengeance on his head, The blow unfelt, the tear he never drop The tale revived, the lie so oft o’erthrown, The imputed trash, and dulness not his very own The morals blackened when the writings scape, The libelled man or woman, and the pictured shape Abuse, on all he beloved, or beloved him, spread, A good friend in exile, or a father, lifeless The whisper, that to greatness even now way too close to, Most likely, nevertheless vibrates, on his sovereign’s ear:- Welcome for thee, fair virtue! all the past For thee, reasonable virtue! welcome even the very last! A. But why insult the weak, affront the terrific? P.

A knave’s a knave, to me in each individual condition: Alike my scorn, if he thrive or are unsuccessful, Sporus at Courtroom, or Japhet in a jail, A hireling scribbler, or a hireling peer, Knight of the article corrupt, or of the shire If on a pillory, or in the vicinity of a throne, He attain his prince’s ear, or shed his very own.

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