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Potentially it utilized a combo of tropes that bugged me the most. Potentially I failed to enjoy the pair sufficient to blind me from its flaws. rn[ Verdict ] If you adore the CP enough, I assume you can ignore the shortcomings and still like this immensely but put together by yourself for troublesome tropes. Dating in the kitchen area. Recap Grade : A 1st Impression : 4 /5. Mini Recaps. rn[ Ep1 ] The kitchen area is on fireplace.

Gu Sheng Nan runs to get drinking water. In the meantime, a gentleman in a fit casually arrives on scene.

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He appears to be like up at the non-functioning sprinklers. Calmly, he lights up his cigar to activate them. Nevertheless, Sheng Nan thinks he’s the arsonist.

Can i deal with an associate who seems to be incredibly handling?

The person does search way much too calm amidst the blazing scene. Sheng Nan pours an whole bucket of drinking water on him. It is really right away obvious to her that she might have misunderstood.

Without the need of speaking at all, he motions for her bowl. With the bowl in excess of his head, he activates the sprinklers. As he leaves, he places the bowl on her head. This male is Lu Jin . Not a word exchanged, but the charisma was felt . Lu Jin is the new to-be-manager of the lodge Sheng Nan functions at.

He was utterly disappointed in the meals up right up until Sheng Nan’s shrimp fried rice. After tasting it, he’s in heaven.

He requests to see the chef. Regrettably, simply because of the fire she took duty for when it wasn’t her fault, she was fired. Lu Jin and Sheng Nan’s up coming face is in his pink lavish Ferrari. She was supposed to destroy the car or truck for her good friend. But she acquired the completely wrong auto. Yet again, she’s in the mistaken.

She attempts to get out of the uncomfortable condition by pretending to be Korean. Lu Jin would not miss out on a defeat and replies in Korean.

He knows far more than her. Hahaha. I can speak Korean like that much too! LOL . Lu Jin is suspicious of Sheng Nan. He thinks she’s his stalker of some sort. He only recognizes her from the car or truck incident.

When he thinks she’s continue to drunk in his mattress, she now ran off. Sheng Nan had snapped again to consciousness the moment he carried her to his bed. She pretended to be drunk for the reason that she acknowledged him as well. For this reason why her positions on the mattress ended up shifted every single time he checked on her. Today’s menu impresses Lu Jin. He experienced ordered ‘red wine’ and the rest was up to Sheng Nan to decipher. As a result she created Purple Wine Steak, Pink Wine Pear, etc. Yum, yum, yum .

Lu Jin requests to see the chef. Sheng Nan replies by sending a hen cooking set. Within the rooster (not genuine rooster meat) is a boiled egg. Meng Xin Jie , his secretary asks Lu Jin if the chef is insulting him. Lol . Lu Jin gets the concept: “If you’ve got observed this chicken and appreciate this egg you will find no need to see the rooster who laid the egg (i. e. who cooked the food items). ” Wow. That was what it intended? Meng Xin Jie attempts to well review the h2o that accompanies the egg: “When you consume water, really don’t ignore who dug the effectively. ” Pft . Lu Jin is the minimum little bit amazed. He corrects his secretary that the drinking water is for him to not choke on the egg. Lu Jin is even additional determined to see this chef. rn[ Ep4 ] Lu Jin reveals up at Sheng Nan’s grandfather’s cafe at the time a lot more wherever he fulfills an unwelcoming Sheng Nan. This conference just isn’t any considerably less unlucky for Lu Jin. Sheng Nan was making an attempt to assist a preventing few by throwing a beer bottle. I you should not know how that allows . The bottle hits you-know-who appropriate at the back again of his head. He wishes payment. She doesn’t have any revenue. Our feminine prospects by no means have dollars . Even so, he just wishes her to be his cooking slave. She heartily accepts for the reason that that is way improved than having to pay him again the huge quantity he was demanding of her. Getting to Sheng Nan’s put was a journey of mishaps for Lu Jin. He’s either tripping or falling. Miraculously, he arrives in a person piece and enjoys a mouth watering – costly – meal. Each time he has a food, cash is deducted from her financial debt. She’s income wrangling him. The upcoming day, she performs qin for him. Wow . She’s aiming to charge him for a significant general performance fee.

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