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The adhering to example employs the “o” structure specifier to exhibit a collection of DateTime values and a DateTimeOffset value on a method in the U. S. Pacific Time zone. The adhering to instance employs the “o” structure specifier to generate a formatted string, and then restores the authentic day and time worth by calling a date and time Parse method. The RFC1123 “R”, “r” format specifier. The “R” or “r” conventional structure specifier represents a customized day and time structure string that is outlined by the DateTimeFormatInfo. RFC1123Pattern property.

The pattern displays a outlined normal, and the home is study-only. Thus, it is usually the similar, regardless of the culture utilized or the format company equipped. The personalized structure string is “ddd, dd MMM yyyy HH’:’mm’:’ss ‘GMT'”.

When this regular structure specifier is utilized, the formatting or parsing procedure generally uses the invariant society. The end result string is affected by the pursuing attributes of the DateTimeFormatInfo object returned by the DateTimeFormatInfo. InvariantInfo assets that signifies the invariant tradition. Property Description RFC1123Pattern Defines the structure of the result string. AbbreviatedDayNames Defines the abbreviated fling dating meaning day names that can surface in the result string. AbbreviatedMonthNames Defines the abbreviated month names that can seem in the result string. Although the RFC 1123 conventional expresses a time as Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), the formatting procedure does not modify the benefit of the DateTime item that’s getting formatted. Therefore, you need to change the DateTime value to UTC by contacting the DateTime. ToUniversalTime strategy before you carry out the formatting procedure.

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In contrast, DateTimeOffset values complete this conversion quickly there’s no need to have to simply call the DateTimeOffset. ToUniversalTime process in advance of the formatting operation. The next instance makes use of the “r” structure specifier to display screen a DateTime and a DateTimeOffset price on a method in the U. S. Pacific Time zone. The sortable “s” structure specifier. The “s” conventional format specifier signifies a custom date and time structure string that is outlined by the DateTimeFormatInfo. SortableDateTimePattern residence.

The sample displays a outlined typical (ISO 8601), and the home is browse-only. Thus, it is generally the very same, irrespective of the lifestyle employed or the format supplier supplied. The custom structure string is “yyyy’-‘MM’-‘dd’T’HH’:’mm’:’ss”. The function of the “s” format specifier is to make result strings that type persistently in ascending or descending get centered on day and time values. As a consequence, while the “s” common format specifier represents a day and time price in a steady format, the formatting operation does not modify the worth of the date and time object that is remaining formatted to replicate its DateTime. Sort assets or its DateTimeOffset. Offset worth.

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For example, the final result strings generated by formatting the date and time values 2014-11-15T18:32:seventeen 00:00 and 2014-11-15T18:32:seventeen 08:00 are equivalent. When this conventional structure specifier is made use of, the formatting or parsing procedure generally takes advantage of the invariant lifestyle. The following case in point utilizes the “s” format specifier to screen a DateTime and a DateTimeOffset benefit on a procedure in the U.

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